ABATE of Indiana and Boogie Radio are proud to announce the NEW Boogie KING and QUEEN of the Campground Contest!

Ready to Boogie_king&queen

So are you getting excited yet? The 38th annual ABATE Boogie is just a few weeks away, and Boogie Radio is excited to announce a brand new competition that is starting this year. In conjunction with Boogie Radio, ABATE of Indiana is proud to announce that we will be presenting the KING and QUEEN of the Campground Award this summer. This will become an annual award, and is sure to be the most sought-after prize at the Boogie!

How can I win this coveted award, you ask? Have Fun, I answer.

Judges, cleverly disguised as DJ’s from Boogie Radio, will be roaming around the camping areas Friday and Saturday of the Boogie, observing the campsites, watching the campers and their visitors, and may even be stopping in to say hello themselves. Kinda stalkerish, sure, but just an average day for the Boogie Radio boys.

Their judging of your campsite will be based on an infamous scale comprised of the characteristics below.

Judges will base their voting on these 6 criteria, and only these 6 criteria. (Any money offered under the table will be quickly refused and will be unwelcome… wink, wink): Fun, unique, creative, kind, motorcycles, and entertaining.

So this year, as you get ready to load your stuff and head to the Midwest’s Best Biker Fest, try to make plans that can make you King and Queen of the Campground. Make your campsite the “must visit” FUN party site. Think outside the box and be UNIQUE. Be CREATIVE in what you do and how you look. Be KIND to people when they stop by to say hello, and treat them like one of the family. Of course, you need to have MOTORCYCLES in your theme, and your site needs to be ENTERTAINING!

So Big Willy, what does the winner of this coveted award receive, you ask? Prizes galore, my friends. Prizes galore!

To start with, the winners’ names will be forever emblazoned on a HUGE trophy befitting this dubious honor and displayed in a place of distinction for everyone to ogle inside the ABATE Offices in spectacular Bargersville, IN. On Saturday night, when the winners are announced, they will walk away with impressive and distinctive medals hanging from their necks, tokens of their victory for them to gloat over to their friends and sullen competitors. But that’s not all, friends… the winners will also receive two free entrance passes to Boogie 2019!

Prepare those campsites, fire up those grills, grab your wienies, and start making your plans, my friends. ABATE of Indiana and Boogie Radio are hoping to crown YOU King and Queen of the Campground this summer!

Big Willy, Boogie Radio

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